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Memory Modules -- USB 2.0 or 3.0 -- Micro SD & SD Flash






Top Tier Fulfillment continues to supply the finest quality Memory Modules in the industry. We use the highest quality printed circuit boards which meet or exceed the industry JEDEC standards.

Top Tier Fulfillment uses Major Brand DRAM Chips to continue the quality process throughout. 


We continue to offer quality memory upgrades based on our clients requirements. Our 2 Year Warranty offered on our memory modules ensure absolute confidence in durability and performance.

All of our clients enjoy the final product with Our "Standard"  2 Year Warranty for all Memory Modules, Usb Thumb Drives, SD Cards and Micro SD Cards.

Our Warranty gives You the Added Peace of Mind.


Our Goal is to keep our client happy and secure!











We strive to make Every Client feel as though they too are a Fortune 100 Account.

Move on Up and Join the Top Tier Fulfillment Family.

Memory Options



USB Thumb Drives 2.0 or 3.0 speeds------ 4GB --- 8GB --- 16GB --- 32GB --- 64GB --- 128GB 




-- Just like Memory --


Flash Chips are sorted into differrent levels of quality. Each wafer is graded and sold based on the quality matrix associated with that run. Similar to grades of Coffee Beans or Gasoline.


Top Tier Fulfillment manages to stay in the " A " Grade of the wafer quality spectrum to ensure our end product will meet up to our strict standards and still deliver a great price point too.


A Lifetime Warranty is a high bar to support, so we will deliver the best quality to continue keeping our defective returns to a minimum.




USB 2.0 & 3.0 Thumb Drives

SD Cards and Micro SD Cards   ---- 4GB --- 8GB --- 16GB --- 32GB --- 64GB --- 128GB



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